Empowering Women And Youth For Sustainable Development In Our Communities
GenCED seeks to do more research on women’s experiences and participation in policy making.
Gender Centre for Empowering Development

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Gender Centre for Empowering Development (GenCED) aims at empowering women and youth for sustainable development in our communities, established in May, 2011 as an independent, Not-for-profit, research and advocacy organisation.

GenCED’s work is therefore aimed at helping increase women’s participation in decision-making and in our governance’s process. GenCED also seeks to do more research on women’s experiences and participation in policy making and their representation which as a result will influence the level of advocacy and outreaches which the women need to increase their understanding of our democratic process.

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Women participation in decision-making has consistently been at the centre of the global agenda since the adoption of the Nairobi Forward-Looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women in 1985.

In Ghana gender equality and equity principles are yet to be fully integrated into democratization processes, structures of power and decision-making procedures.

Women participation compared to men in governance and development is still low, nevertheless some women have exhibited the qualities of good leadership.


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